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Clover Fiortitura Chibi by kawaiitokyolove Clover Fiortitura Chibi :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 2 0 Little Rosa by kawaiitokyolove Little Rosa :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 3 2
Lame little poem I wrote
Roses are red Violets are blue
Screw it, that poem's too mainstream for you
I wanted to give you something new
Alas I forgot,
A poet I am not
So please accept this
A simple hug and kiss
:iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 1 2
Thingie I made all by myself! by kawaiitokyolove Thingie I made all by myself! :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 3 4 Something i did in graphics class by kawaiitokyolove Something i did in graphics class :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 3 2
Just a quick write here
Emotional Mask
“It’s okay to cry.” These were the words spoken to me by my sister, Scarlet when I was a little kid, and would get in trouble. I was always so ashamed of crying in front of everyone else, I’d wait for night to come when everyone would be asleep, and run into her room. There I would let the tears spill down my cheek, she used to stay there with me, and calm me down until I fell asleep, my tears dampening her nightgown.
Whenever I cried, I always felt bad, bad for being weak, and bad for wasting my sister’s time. But she never saw it that way, she would tell me I was a strong girl, and that I should never be ashamed to be open about my feelings. And then I would feel better.
But those days are over, Scarlet is gone forever, she died of Typhoid fever two weeks ago. In those two weeks, I have not once left my room. Okay well, being realistic, I have, but only for food, and the bathroom. Besides that I just stay in bed, with the door closed and t
:iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 1 0
Da Id by kawaiitokyolove Da Id :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 0 2
Leave me alone!
I don't want your company.
You're all just dirty two faced liars!
You don't mean anything to me.
You're words and actions are all lies.
Don't come to me with you're crap!
I'm sick and tired of it!
I don't need you're fake sympathy.
I don't want your petty comfort.
After all they're all lies!
They mean nothing to me!
I hate you all!
No one cares about anyone but themselves!
I'm engulfed by hate!
The love has disappeared.
I've lost all my faith in people.
All because of you!
You, who bought me pain and misery!
You've done enough damage already.
Leave before you do anymore.
Leave already!I hate you and I want to be alone!
:iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 3 12
God is love,peace,generosity,and more.
God is the embodiment of all that is good and pure in the world.
In this world full of uncertainties,hate,desire,lust,corruption,and sin in general.
He is the only person we can turn to for unconditional love and support.
Even after all we've done against him,and knowing our true natures, he still loves us 100%.
His love for us is as boundless as space,in fact even greater.
So let us give Him our love and faith today.
:iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 10 0
When I'm bored by kawaiitokyolove When I'm bored :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 0 2
Stop Child Abuse Speech
    Slapping, cursing, and beating. Are these things your parents do to you? Maybe not, but for other kids all around the world this is only a part of their daily reality. Child abuse is a serious issue that America and the world face today. I know that since you probably haven’t experienced it firsthand, you may not think it to be all that serious. But listen to me at least, and maybe your opinion will change.
   Child abuse is a problem that’s existed for several years. It is the physical and/or emotional abuse of children, that can lead to serious injuries and even death. One account of child abuse occured in New Jersey, where a one and a half year old boy was found dead, with bruises covering his body. The culprits were his own mother and her own boyfriend. One and a half years old, isn’t that sad. He wasn’t yet a toddler, and he had to face such cruel violence, before death took him. and ended his suffering.
Child abuse resembles another
:iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 4 12
Remilia Houraisan by kawaiitokyolove Remilia Houraisan :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 0 0 Touhou vs Twilight by kawaiitokyolove Touhou vs Twilight :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 21 24 Oc redesign part 3 Tenshi by kawaiitokyolove Oc redesign part 3 Tenshi :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 3 0 Oc redesign part 2 Cupid by kawaiitokyolove Oc redesign part 2 Cupid :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 1 0 Oc redesign part 1 Clover by kawaiitokyolove Oc redesign part 1 Clover :iconkawaiitokyolove:kawaiitokyolove 2 0


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rosa ordonez
United States
I'd describe myself as that one chick whose just plain crazy. One minute I'm emo, and the next I'm all fluffy bunny fluff. I'm alo a major vocaloid and touhou fan.


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